My Book

It’s in the works!  I’m pretty sure I will self-publish it, instead of going the traditional publisher route.  The main reason being the time frame.  Once you are accepted by a traditional publisher (and that can take years), it is another 12 months or so before your book is on the shelves.  I don;t want to wait that long.  I want to finish Book 1, get it out, and then work on Book 2 (already mostly done!).

I am going to post a few chapters here, to whet your appetite!  These chapters are formatted for ebooks, so ignore things like no indents and the link.  (Grammar, spelling, typo errors please feel free to point out.

Also, I will very likely be changing the book title.

It’s an inspirational fiction novel.   Two tortured, hurting souls – one a successful businessman, the other an eleven year-old homeless genius — are unexpectedly thrown together and discover bonding, healing, and a father/son love.  They discover bonding, healing, love and faith.

Chapter 1 – Tommy

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