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Contact info: szymansk@bevcomm.net  (This is my personal email, please no spam.)

A photo of my family!I’ve been blessed- abundantly!  GREAT family!  (Taken 2 years ago, one more granddaughter since then!)  We’re color coded by shirt color- all the same color shirt belong together. And the dark blues are the unmarrrieds!

Okay – About me (Note- articles are not yet up and posted- you’ll have to wait a bit for them):

  • I’m a cradle Catholic, I began learning about the riches of my faith when I married John in 1976 (he’s also a cradle Catholic).
  • I earned a BA in Child Psychology and haev learned WAY more about child psychology from my kids and life experiences than I ever did in school!
  • John and I (and 3 kids) spent 2 1/2 years in Venezuela working as missionaries running a children’s home with 25-30 kids (ages 4-16)  -see article on how we were called to become missionaries
  • I spent time in jail in Venezuela (so did John, not at the same time) – see article
  • I am mom to 7 living children and 4 in heaven (early miscarriages, but I count them as my kids- they are- it’s a pro-life thing).  Ages 32-8.  See article- A Tribute to Christopher
  • Granny to 6 delightful grandchildren!
  • Home schooler since 1984, way before anyone ever heard of it, also into all kinds of natural things, attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, all that crunchy graonla type stuff
  • Way into natural healing, I am literally betting my life on it
  • I have cancer (throat) since 2000.  Got a tracheotomy in 2007.  Choosing to do my own thins and build health instead of the traditional medical route.  While I still have cancer, I’m basically pretty healthy.  (Full story on my website, plus an article here on “Fighting” Cancer.)
  • I am a MARATHONER!   I finished the Honolulu Marathon in December of 2011 (that’s 26.2 miles).
  • I’ve been fortunate to not have to work outside the home since we’ve had children (thank you John for that!)
  • I’m a “MatureMom”. God blessed us with our last child (naturally conceived) when I was “mature”.  NOT old!  (And toss out that silly medical term:  elderly multigravida- basically means old lady who’s pregnant).   Rosemary was born when I was 48 1/2 (easy pregnancy, fairly easy delivery).  And at 57 I’m STILL not in menopause- does He have plans for more blessings for us?  :)
  • Mom to above child, a blessing.  Rosemary has Down Syndrome and affects the lives of all who meet her.
  • Since Rosemary is in school (my first non home schooled child), and the others are graduated, I have time.  (Kind of funny how raising a  large family, homeschooling, having a  big garden and livestock kind of takes some time?)   So I have done some internet marketing for John’s businesses, some website building (for him and me).
  • And finally am devoting time to serious writing and currently in the process of editing my first inspirational fiction novel.  I’ve done lots of writing over the years- mostly articles on a myriad of topics, but this is a book!


The autobiography will probably come out after Novel #1, Novel #2 (the pre-quel to #1), Novel #3 (the sequel to #1).  :)   We’ll see!





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