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I will post here (as time permits) various articles on all kinds of things.

Be patient!

Write a Fiction Novel and Change the World  Рa short article about how your fiction writing can make a difference.


One thought on “My Articles

  1. Hi, great article, and so truthful. I shared my first fantasy novel about angels in heaven (Heaven’s Conflcit, The Rise and Fall of Angels that I plan to self publish if the current Catholic publisher turns it down) with a nephew and his wife who had left the Church years earlier. A few days later, they called and said that, after reading my (inspirational) novel, they were returning to the Church, and have been attending ever since. So, you’re right, our writing can influence people, even if unpublished, and, even if my novel doesn’t affect another person, I’ve influenced this couple that I really care for. So, continue to have people read your works, consider self publishing if you want and can’t get a traditonal publisher, and keep writing…your ability is God’s gift. Continue to use it. God bless you and your efforts.

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