It’s Okay to Fail

There is nothing wrong with failing.  It’s not getting back up that will stop you dead in your tracks.   Didn’t someone once say Edison discovered 10,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb?

I recently had a mom who will be starting homeschooling ask em about curriculum.  She’s stressed over choosing the right one, that if she doesn’t get the perfect books for her children, she will fail them.  Here is my reply:

E, you WILL fail them, sooner or later, in something. You’re human. You will look back and think “I should have done ____ or not done _____.”   It will happen.
All anyone can do is their best at the time and place they are at. In 20 years you will be at a different place and make different choices based on your experiences. That doesn’t mean you failed your older kids. It means you have learned and grown and discovered something else might be better (in ANY part of parenting).

You are a very conscientious mother, Ellie. You try (and succeed) in being a good mom. Your kids will be fine. And if they don’t get every little tidbit they need form you at the very moment they need it, so be it. They’ll figure it out later. You’re not perfect, never will be. Yes, try. Yes, do your research. Yes, work hard. Make your best decision. Then just keep going. Revise as/if necessary. (Again, applies to all aspects of parenting.)

In all areas of our life, sooner or later, we will fail.  Don’t use the word failure.  Consider it an “opportunity to learn something”.  Pick up the pieces, get back up and move on.  And probably, when you consider it, the more you fail, the more you are DOING.  Life is not for sitting around watching (see my earlier post on the Greatest Adventure).

So, while you certainly don’t need it from me, I hereby give you permission to fail, make mistakes, blow it, be imperfect.  But do get back up.

Have a great day!


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