Do You Take the Time?

Often when someone does something nice for us, we say thank you.   That’s good and proper.  Have you ever thought about taking a  few extra minutes once in a while to go beyond a sincere but quick thank you?  Maybe write a person a handwritten note sharing what they mean to you, how much you appreciated the compliment they gave you or helped you with ____?  Maybe make a batch of cookies and send some their way?

Our world tends to be fast and instant, yet most of us really savor little things others might do for us.  Think about this: if you picked up your mail and there was a handwritten note from a friend, wouldn’t you be excited, and open that first?  Wouldn’t that just make your day?   Or if a bouquet of flowers (even handpicked wild ones) was at your desk when you arrived at work?  An ecard is nice, but a regular store bought card with a note (even a card you make yourself on the computer shows you care enough to take the time to make one) would be a treat for the recipient, I’ll bet.

Next time you’re out shopping (or maybe garage sale-ing?), pick up a box or two of generic blank greeting cards.  Keep them handy and send one off now and then.  You’ll make someone smile.


It takes a bit of time to go the extra mile.  But think about it, it’s not a mile, it’s a few short steps.  Go for it!  (I know about miles- being a marathoner. An extra mile is a LOT.  A few short steps I could have done.)

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