What’s My Purpose?

I was thinking about this blog today and its purpose.  Our family motto for a long time has been GTH & BYB.  Stand for get to Heaven and Bring Your Brother.  It means that all we do should be directed towards a greater good, ours or someone else.  Every action, every decision, every word we speak will either help someone or hurt someone.  Mostly in very small ways, but the small things add up.  Anyway, it’s a motto that has guided us for decades.

So my blog is really about helping people.  Eventually it will have some of my book stuff on it, but even my book is about helping people.  (It’s not a self-help book or anything, it’s inspirational fiction.  One line book summary: Two tortured hurting souls – one a successful businessman, the other an eleven year-old homeless genius- are unexpectedly thrown together and discover bonding, healing, and a father/son love.  It can help people in that the characters show how to overcome some severe hardships in life and end up thriving.  Role models.)

Anyway, what kinds of things would you like to see here, see me address?  Some of you already know me and my style, know what kinds of things I write about (I’m referring here to “life issues”, not fiction.)

Have an AWESOME day, folks!  Know that God loves you.

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