The marathon- Committment

I’ve been thinking about commitment.  I currently have a commitment to walk an hour a day 5-6 days/ week, simply to maintain physical fitness.  I accomplish this with excellent consistency.  But some days it is quite challenging, hard to “get it in”.  I am committed to this and it gets done.

Yet less than a year ago, I was training to do a marathon.  I was committed to that goal.  I was committed to the training schedule my coach had laid out for me.

I look back now at that training schedule.  It had days with 10 miles (common), some 15 miles, even a few at 20 miles.  That means I was to cover that many miles, continuously, in that day.  As I said, my goal was to walk the marathon, not run it.  And not just to finish it, but to enjoy at least some of it along the way.   When you walk a marathon, your training is similar to if you run it.  It just takes you MUCH longer because you’re awaking the miles, not running them.    It was a LOT of hours, a lot of walking.   I truly wonder now how I did it.

Thinking about it, I was committed.  That was what allowed me to crank out all those miles.  I am no longer committed to doing a marathon, I don’t need to walk that many miles to stay fit.

But it was commitment that got me to the finish line.

Are there things in your life you want?  Maybe weight loss?  Increased prayer life?  Improved diet?   Maybe something else?  Examine your commitment to that goal.  How high is the commitment?  Do you need to crank it up a notch?    (And of course your goal is written down in a concrete form with a finish date, right?)

What do you need to increase your committment to?

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