Making peace

So… this is on my mind.   We just got news that our youngest brother (51) is seriously ill and probably has only 2-3 months left to live (liver problems).  He has no faith life, and I think is terrified of death and God.   I cannot imagine facing major crises in life without some sort of faith.  My prayer is that he make peace with God (however he comes to know Him) before he dies.

Are you at peace?  At peace with your Maker?  Is He there for you?  Lending strength and solidity in times of crisis?  If not, may I suggest you spend some tiem considering this?  Who God is for you, adn how you can make peace with him, reconcile if need be.

Truly, truly, I cannot understand living without some form of faith.  I am a Roman Catholic and that faith has served me very well all my life.  I am eternally grateful for it.  But if your faith is different, I can accept and understand that.  I can’t understand no faith, no idea of any kind of higher power of God or Supreme Being.

Prayers for you all.  And feel free to pray for my brother, Jay.


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  1. God is cl
    God is close to the broken-hearted and I know he is close to you and your family right now. He is also near those whose hearts are broken because they do not know him or how to find him. They do not know how much they need him until the panic of bad news makes them fearful of eternity. Then they are seeking and open to him. What an opportunity you have to influence his eternal destiny with your prayers and encouragement. Now is the time to be strong in the Lord for him and use the vibrant faith you have to intercede for him. I will be with you in prayer for him.

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