Words Mean Things

I have been frustrated lately.  There is a woman I know who is continually putting herself down by saying things like, “I’m a terrible wife/mother.” She may haev faults a s a wife and mother (we all do), but to repeatedly say those words about yourself just build up that very negative image.  So much better to think in terms of something like, “When _______ happens, that really challenges me, but here is what I try to do to overcome it.”

Another person today said that we all attract rejection.  I called him on it and said I do not want to think in terms of attracting rejection.  Sure at various times and places in my life I will be rejected in some way or form.  But to say (and think), “I attract rejection,” is absolutely crazy, in my book.

Words mean things.  The words we say and use affect our thinking.  Our thinking truly does affect our reality (that’s not just New Age hooey).  One long time saying in our house is, “Fake it till you make it.”  So if you’re feeling grumpy, fake feeling nice (meaning your actions, facial expressions, words and so on reflect a person feeling nice).  I’m not suggesting you deny negative feelings like grumpiness.  Accept them, then make a choice what to do with them.  You can act on them, you (truly) can choose to banish them.  They may return, but you do not have to allow them to linger in your mind (or words or actions).

Think today about your words.  Are they uplifting?  Do you need to chnage the way you express yourself?


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