Personal Responsibility

I am real big on personal responsibility.  Very often, the choices we make affect our lives in positive or negative ways.   A simple example (I know there can be other factors, but let’s keep it simple): if I eat too much, and too many “wrong” foods, I will get fat, and may well develop (over time) some illnesses related to being obese.  Thus, MY choices led to MY problems.  Directly.  I will make (have made) a blanket judgment that often obesity is self-inflicted and leads to health problems.  (I am NOT addressing WHY one is obese, it may well be some emotional problems or other things.  Rarely is the primary cause a “medical condition”.)  This is quite different from the person who gets hit by a drunk driver, one is unlikely to have any personal responsibility in that event.

Take responsibility for your choices.  Don’t blame others for your situation.

An added benefit is that once you accept responsibility, often, if you choose, you can DO something about it!

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