Toxins- Another Look

Toxic- Detox- Toxins- Cleanse

These are buzzwords today.  They are valid and good things to consider.  But I’m going to refer today about another kind of toxin we may not think about often.

Toxic PEOPLE!  Many of us have toxic people in our lives, some by choice, some not.  The ones we have less choice over might include a boss, or family member.  Some we have more choice over would be friends, roommates and the like.

What do I mean by toxic people?  Ones who bring you down.  Ones who are negative.  Ones who have a  victim mentality (ie “poor me” everything bad happens to me and is someone else’s fault).   Perhaps one who tell you everything you CAN’T do:  You aren’t smart enough to _____.  That takes more work than you’re willing to do.  Sometimes they simply name-call: You’re dumb, stupid, broke, clumsy, etc.   Toxic people often do not realize they ARE toxic, or what they are really like.  Sometimes the way they are is due to a poor upbringing, or other circumstances you may not be aware of.  They are NOT “bad” people, and deserve our love and compassion.   That does not mean you must immerse yourself in a cesspoool day after day.

My first suggestion is to remove as much as possible toxic people from your life.  Avoid interaction with them.  Sometimes we can’t do that.   In that case, I’d suggest trying hard to let their toxicity slide off you and not permeate inside you (you CAN learn to do this).  Respond with love and positive affirmations (LOOK hard and find something nice to say.)

Take a look at your life and who might be a toxic person in your life.  Do what you can to change it.  (I would also suggest NOT trying to change the toxic person, part from loving them.  Most will resist change and far and away it is easier to change yourself- as hard as that may be- than to change anyone else.)

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