What are yours?  What do you want them to be?

You may think the answer for each question is the same.  But take a look at how you spend your time.  That will tell you where your priorities are.   Think about this.  Say your priorities are God, spouse, children, followed by job or other things.

How much time do you spend with God in a day, a week?   Time with God doesn’t have to be 100% focused on Him.  I could be doing dishes and praying while I’m doing it, or listening to Christian music or radio.

What about with your spouse?  Here I am referring more to specific, directed one-on-one time with him/her.  Where you are sitting and listening to what they are saying.  Doing things you like to do together.  Things without the children underfoot (some couples set up an hour each week where they go alone into their bedroom and the rule is they are not to be disturbed.)

And children.  A great deal of time with children is care-taking.  Feeding, clothing, reasonably clean sheltering, educating them and so on.  And that’s fine, and good, and necessary.  But do you really know your children?  Know what they like/dislike, what they think.  DO you talk TO them (as opposed to AT them)?

If God is your number one priority, that doesn’t mean you must spend most of your time on your knees in prayer.  It does mean that He will be often in your mind, you will think/ pray/ talk to/with Him often, many times each day.

And so on.

Think about it.  What are you priorities?  What do you want them to be?

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