Boys are our lives cluttered!  Mine is anyway, and most people around me have cluttered lives.

We have physical clutter.  Things.  Stuff.   Papers.  Clothes.   Gadgets.  Toys (kids toys and big kid – adult-  toys.   We need to keep track of, organize store and sort all that clutter.  Some of it may indeed be necessary and valuable.  I have noticed that when the piles on my desk get too high and I go through and sort them, a good many (that I “thought” were important can now be tossed, 2-3 months later?)

My son got us a new toaster for Christmas.  The old one worked, kind of.  (It DID work, just set off the smoke alarm a lot.)  So really the old one could have been tossed.  Instead hubby put it in the basement.  WHY????

We have “social busyness” clutter.  This and that obligation (our own, or our children’s).  Maybe good things, or some good things, but they still clutter up our lives.  Does doing X really serve you (or your family) best?

And mind clutter.  So many things on our minds.  Some people are quite overloaded in that way.  One thing most helpful for me is to make list.  Once I write it on the list, it doesn’t have to stay in my mind any longer.

I find that when my physical space is decluttered, I can function much better.  My thinking is clearer, I am more efficient, and simply happy.  Same with my social schedule.  Being free from “having” to do xyz is quite liberating.

So think about the clutter in your life- any kind of clutter.  Think about if it serves you (or are you a slave to IT)?  What can you do to improve things?


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