People are good, people are generous

Back in 1987, my husband and I and our 3 children (at the time) worked as missionaries in Venezuela.  Before we left for our 2 ½ year journey, and while we were there, we asked friends and family for financial support, for ourselves, but also (and mostly) to run the children’s home we were in charge of.  There was some local funding, but it was pretty meager, not enough to do the job well.

People responded most generously.  We had enough funds to support ourselves, hire 3 local people to help run the home, and even enough left over to help the other children’s homes in the area (drastically underfunded).

The other day, Jan. 8, there was an accident and the 4 yo son of a woman I know was badly burned.  He ended up far from home in a specialized burn center.  His mom is with him, leaving 5 other children at home.  Her husband was also burned, but not as badly as the child.  He did not need to be moved to the burn center.

Someone (a relative I think) set up a donation center/ fundraiser to help with costs.  It looks like the child will be in the hospital 6 months plus.  I cannot imagine what that must be like for the entire family.  But what impresses me greatly is the outpouring of generosity.  The current fundraiser goal is $25,000.  It has been only 4 days since the accident as of this writing, and already they have gotten over $16,000.

Now, this is an ordinary family.  They are not celebrities, not famous, they don’t have thousands and thousands of friends.  Just ordinary folks.  Yet there has been a  tremendous outpouring of support- prayers and financially.    I suspect that many of the donors have never met them.  I posted on my facebook page about it, and asked folks to support them, with prayers and/or financially.  Others have done the same, I’m sure.  (And this is not a “close” friend, just someone I know.  I only met her once through a Catholic moms group we both belonged to.)

The money will continue to pour in, and if they raise their goal, I’m sure folks will keep giving until it is met.  As I scanned the donations list, there were some $10 donations, but also a fair number of $500 ones, and even more.  And I suspect some of those donors have never met the family or heard of them until they read the appeal.

People are good, people are generous.  Even in these supposed times of a lousy economy.

Thank you, Lord.

PS Should anyone like to read more or contribute:  Fulton Poppe Fundraiser

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