I’ve been thinking about this lately.  You really can never outdo God in generosity.  My kids (ages 34-9), none of whom are “wealthy” are all generous.   I think they kind of picked this up from my husband and I.  (Again, I take no credit for excellent parenting, we just followed the lead God showed us.)  When we “gave”, we usually tried not to let the receiver know, of possible.  So we’d do things like give our parish priest $400 to give to the single mom whose washer broke so she could buy a  new one.  I’d tell my husband about a friend who had a grandchild they had never seen because they couldn’t afford an airplane ticket ($300).  Without batting an eye, he’d say, “Buy it for her.”   (Or get the money to her to buy it.)  The kids saw these kinds of things.

And just one way this has turned around and come back to us is in their generosity.  The other day my 22 yo son bought his dad a new top of the line chain saw because we really needed another one (we had two older ones that were pretty well used), and because he felt he wanted to give us something for some of the shenanigans he pulled over the last year or so.

My 30 yo daughter bought her brother an airline ticket to come home to see his wife and kids when he couldn’t afford it.  This same daughter amazed us all last Christmas with an amazing gift.    In mid-December our mini-van was totaled (no injuries).   No collision on the vehicle.    We had several thousand in other vehicle repair bills as well as a few other financial crunch items pop up.    Money was tight, we were having a cash flow problem.  My husband was stressing over the loss of the mini-van.

So Christmas rolls around.  My daughter (this one, the 30 yo) gave her dad $100, but had it in all kinds of forms, rolls of quarters, dollars bills, a few $20s, all wrapped up separate.  He thought that was nice, generous, and funny.   Then she gives him another gift as a kind of “afterthought”.  He opens it and it’s the title to a new (used) mini-van!  She rallied her siblings and they bought him (us) a car.  (I must be honest and say that 95% of the gift was from our daughter.)   We were floored and stunned.  Amazing generosity!  (She knew it was one he wanted because it was a van our mechanic had and my husband had plans to buy it from him after the New Year).

Anyway, you can never outdo God in generosity.  Give and give generously.  Give of your time, talent and treasure.  And the more you have, the more you can give.


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