Walk away

I could label this post: Another Success Story!

He’s getting it!

And we can all learn a lesson from my 22 yo son, Michael.  Michael is an amazing person, very wonderful, smart and musically talented.  He’s also made some mistakes in life and is learning and growing (like all of us).

But he’s really getting it and I’m proud.  The other day (yet again), someone he lives with was pointing out his faults/ mistakes.  Michael just looked at him, said, “I prefer to surround myself with positive people,” and walked away.

AWESOME!  WAY TO GO!  Instead of being drawn into defensiveness or argument, or just staying and taking the “abuse”, he let it slide off his back and walked away.  What a great response!

PS: The other day he came out to help cut trees for firewood for winter.  When you cut a  lot of trees (which we do) your chainsaws take a beating.  We really needed a new one.  And this son (who within the last year has paid us off over a $4000 debt!) gave his dad a gift of a new really nice (like $400+) chain saw a as gift.  Totally unexpected.  He said it was for “some of the crap” he’s pulled on us the last year or so.  My husband and I thought he had already made adequate “restitution” for some of his mistakes that affected us, but he felt like he wanted (not needed) to do more.  Very thoughtful and generous.

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