More on Attitude

School starts next week for my 9 yo daughter (she has Down Syndrome).  She’s the first of mine to attend public school (started in pre-K).  All the rest were homeschooled from K-12.  Rosemary’s in public school for lots of reasons.  It is a good place for her, and good for them (staff and schoolmates) to have her there.

But it’s really rather funny.   Some of her teachers, and some of the other parents are younger than my oldest (32 in 3 days).  This bothers me not at all.  I was thinking about it, though.  A person COULD be concerned about what others think, they COULD be embarrassed (even ashamed?).

Sometimes I’ll be out somewhere with Rosemary and my married daughter and her two (ages 11 and 12).  Many folks assume Rosemary is my daughter’s child, not mine.  No big deal.  But again, in that situation one COULD be offended or feel bad.

My attitude is kind of like: think what you will, bothers me not.  The only one I am truly concerned with pleasing is God.  I also care about what my husband and family think, but that is a fr second to God’s “approval”.   (And rarely does it cause problems in the family, even if they disagree with me.  And even more rarely do my husband and I disagree on things.)

One could go through life trying to please others, seeking the approval and confirmation from others.  What a waste.  And so much energy.  And you’re not following your own path, then, but one laid out for you by someone else.  And many people DO live this way!  How very sad!

One can serve others in their life, this is a great part of what life is all about.  I might choose to go to the restaurant my husband likes instead of the one I want to go to, just because I love him.   I might do his laundry, cook for him, mend his clothes and so on, to serve him, and out of love.  This is good and kind and noble.

But if I change my Thanksgiving Day plans and go to my mother-in-law’s house (just to please her) instead of staying home with my family as I had planned and WANT to do, and I volunteer at ____ because someone wants me to, and I ______ because then so and so will like me, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

Serving others out of choice is good.  Serving others out of a desire/need for approval isn’t.  be who you are.  Love who you are.  Go ahead and strive to be better, that’s good.  But do it because YOU want to do it.

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