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I don’t know where you all (you all meaning any readers) stand on the theory of overpopulation, but here’s a quick fact I’d like to share.  When I first heard it, I didn’t believe it   I did the research and calculations myself (easily done, obviously true factual information available, information not in question by anyone).

If you took ALL the people in the whole WORLD, and grouped them into “families” of 4 people each and gave each family a house on a 6000 square foot lot (typical city size lot), how much space would it take to house everyone?   (This assumes no square footage for streets or parks, just lots with homes.)

EVERYONE, every person in the world, would fit into a space the size of Texas and Oklahoma combined.  That’s IT!  (Don’t believe it?  Do the math… 6 million people, google square mileage of TX and OK, convert to square feet, divide… that’s it.)

Personally I think a major problem lies in allocation of resources, and helping people to help themselves.  Governments are often not very effective vehicles to “help the poor”.  I speak not only from what I have learned, but from personal experience.

We spent 2 1/2 years in Venezuela running a children’s home.  Shortly after we got there the government came in to build us 2 large bathrooms, a boys and girls, with multiple showers, urinals, toilets and so forth.  John, my husband, being in the water business, had brought along a water meter and one of the first things he did was measure how much water we got daily.  I asked the engineers how much water 8 showers, 4 toilets and a multiple use urinal would take.  They said about 8000 liters daily.  I said, “STOP!”  The most we have every gotten in one day in the last 2 months has been 2000 liters (and often less than half that).  This is NOT going to work!   Oh, no problem, we will build you a water tower and truck you water each week.  Yeah, sure.

They built it all.  We locked 3/4 of it off, turned the urinal into a laundry sink AND built a couple of very deep outhouse holes a good distance away from the home (like 30′ out, the old ones had been right next to the home).  My point is the government thought they were doing something good and wonderful for the poor kids.  Poor planning.

Anyway, sometimes we need to look beyond the “facts” as they may be presented.


One thought on “Overpopulation fact

  1. Love this article. Thank you for writing it!

    You are bang on!

    Modern does not more efficient use of our natural resources. Population control is part of political agendas for years. Check out who is getting money from their efforts.

    Glad I get your articles. God bless.

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