Knocking Yourself

Lately I have had some pretty lofty goals for myself (mostly health related).  I have  been doing well with them, but not 100%.

I had a friend down this weekend.  She had a hard life the last few years (divorce after 29 years of marriage, annulment, and more).  I commented to her that she is still beating herself up over mistakes made and that serves no constructive purpose.

We talked about a young man we know who is turning his life around and getting things in order (he is 22).  One of the people he lives with continually slams him for mistakes.  he still makes mistakes, but has come so far and is doing so many good good things. (Like he shared with me a written list of goals he has.  GOOD goals.  And ones he’s met, such as paying back $3500 of a $4000 debt in one year.)  I lamented with my friend how sad it is that the roommate can;t see all the good, just focuses on the bad.

Ummm… duh!  That is exactly what **I** have been ding with me the last few weeks.  So I set these great goals.  And most days I meet them 50-90%, probably averaging around 75-80%. That is GOOD!  That is much better than before I had set the goals.  yet my thinking each night has been, “Oh, I blew it today.  I didn’t  ___ or ____.”  Maybe that’s true but I DID ___, ____, ___, ____, AND  ____!

Time for me to turn my OWN thinking around and focus on the good done each day!  And stop knocking myslef.

Where are you at?



One thought on “Knocking Yourself

  1. This is a lifelong struggle for me. I naturally tend to b negative about things in general but even moreso about myself. I try not to be that way in front of my kids because I want them to grow up with a positive attitude toward themselves.

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