The Olympics and Committment

More on commitment.    I’ve been watching the Olympics.  The athletes that make it there are committed.  100%.  You won’t get there without 100%.  You might get somewhere, but not to the top.

I’m thinking about my commitment to superb eating (not just “following a diet”) but eating 98% of what is good for me.  I committed to that goal, but not 100%.   I am more committed than I have been.

Yet I allow things to get in the way.  I’ve been doing baking with my grand daughter (to take things to county fair and enter them).  So we’ve had cookies and bars around.  Not things good for me to eat.  Still, if I was 100% committed, I know I could avoid them.

I think part of the key (only part) is to plan ahead.  So I’ll be going TO the county fair this week.  Fair food.  Not good for me to eat.  So I go when I’m not hungry,  I bring a snack with me (like nuts or an apple), I make sure to drink plenty of water.

I think often we fail to plan.  And often that is the same as planning to fail.  We’re not going to get to where we want to be without a plan.  If we have 100% commitment we are highly likely to achieve our goal.  Be good for me today to spend some time reflecting on why I am not (yet) 100% committed…

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