My Bar

Okay, I said I’d share my bar.  The current one I have is to become cancer free by building excellent health and letting my body handle it from there.  Here’s an article I wrote years back.

Fighting Cancer

How many people do you know battling cancer?  Fighting cancer?  They have the attitude, “I’m gonna beat this!”

I have cancer.  I used to think that way.  Then I thought about it all some more.  You see, the cancer cells in my body are part of ME.  Maybe a disordered, skewed, mutated, part, but still part of me.  So what happens when I HATE that?  Am I not hating me?  There are other things about me that one could consider skewed, imperfect, out of balance.  (Just imagine a peri-menopausal woman on a PMS say after a quart of chocolate fudge ice cream!)  So do I hate that, do I hate that part of me?

Hate is a very strong, powerful emotion.  A negative emotion.  I can honestly say that I don’t LIKE those parts of me, I don’t LIKE my cancer.  I wish they weren’t there.  But I’m not going to HATE it.   I’m not going to lug around that heavy negative burden.   I will work towards improving myself and my health, in all areas.  But I’m also going to choose to LOVE all of me, even the parts I don’t “like”.

When I came to this conclusion, I thought about what I was doing.  I was working on all kinds of health building things- diet, exercise, all kinds of alternatives.  All with the idea of killing the cancer.  How WONDERFUL!  Then I realized I didn’t want to hate anymore.  Sure, I want my cancer to go away, but now I think more in terms of everything coming back into perfect harmony, or what is no longer needed dissipating, just melting away, disappearing.  I can DO exactly the same health building things, but my attitude, my intention is different.  It is no longer negatively focused on killing, it is focused on harmony, bringing things to what they were designed to be.  While that may seem like a small thing, it isn’t.  It’s a HUGE difference.

I think about a classmate of mine from high school.  She died recently of cancer.  Every time I got an email or read her caringbrdige journal, it was full of negatives: I hate this cancer. I’m gonna beat it.  I’m at war and I’m gonnna win.

I wanted to scream!  Fighting takes a GREAT deal of mental and physical time and energy.  Time and energy that could be much better spent towards working for peace and harmony, love.  (HA!  I sound like a 1960s hippie.  But there IS something to that!)

Accept reality, then put your efforts towards making it what YOU want it to be.  We all have a great deal more control over reality than we think we do.   MUCH more.  And if we can focus on the good, the positive, MORE of that will come our way.

So, whether it’s cancer or anything else, let me encourage you to stop fighting.  I went last summer to something called Enlightened Warrior training Camp.  Awesome experience.  But I had some trepidation going into it.  I don’t want to be in a war, I don’t want to fight.  AND I discovered that being a warrior, the kind we were at camp, isn’t about fighting.  It’s about doing the very best you can, putting forth 100% towards your goals.  It’s not about cutting down someone (or something) else.  It’s about achieving YOUR goals.  Again, a difference between that and “fighting”.

Inner peace is most important.  It’s hard to have inner peace if you’re busy fighting battles non-stop.

Think about it.  Maybe change your view a little (or a lot).  Your life (and happiness) may depend on it.


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