Set the Bar High

I was going to title this You Can Do More Than You Think.

That’s not true.  If you don’t think you can, chances are highly likely you never will do it.  I hear that saying a lot.  More accurate to say: If you change your thinking, you can do more than you previously thought.

I did the marathon.  If I thought to myself (and kept repeating), “I can’t do this.  It’s too hard,”   I never would have done it.   I KNEW I could do it.  I will admit to tiny bits of doubt now and then, but I quickly and easily dismissed those thoughts.

Change your thinking.  S t r e t c h.  Set the bar higher than you have in the past.  Believe you can do it.

How?  Educate yourself. You can’t do something you don’t know.  So learn what you need to know.

Let’s use the marathon as an example.  I’ve never “run”.  I’m not big into physical fitness (I do, out of necessity for good health, try to stay fit by daily walking, but I’m not into training or workouts or gyms).   Someone (that is Someone with a  capital “S”) put the notion of doing a marathon in my head.   At 57.  With cancer.  And a tracheotomy. And unable to speak.  Sure. No problem.

So I started looking around, found some support groups on the net.  One fellow posted (just in passing- yeah, sure, that again was the Someone who inspired him to post) that Hawaii has a very walker-friendly marathon.  Now THAT sounded good (both Hawaii and walker-friendly).

I learned more about marathons, the Honolulu Marathon, walking a marathon, etc.  It didn’t take me long to decided to do this.  As it got closer, I hired (on-line) a coach.  Her assistance was invaluable.

My bar was set high, but I knew I could do it.  I knew what, I knew how, I trained for it.  Easy?  NO!  Possible.  YOU BET!

See my photo on the sidebar: Mile 23, thumbs up, smiling. AND that’s after about 9+ hours of walking.

Set your bar high, then plunge into it.  (And if you have kids, set the bar high for them as well.)

And back to yesterday’s post.  Guess what?  If you knock the bar over, set it again.  How many high jumpers NEVER knock down the bar?  Happens all the time.  Get up, try again.

Set the bar high.   (Within the next few posts, I’ll share my next “bar” with you.)  What is yours?  What new one will you set for yourself?

Have an awesome day!



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