Steve O’Shaughnessy Interview

Main Character Interview! 
I heard a suggestion that we interview our main characters from our books.  I did and it was a most fun experience!

Character Interview- Steve O’Shaughnessy is the main character from the novel Take My Hand, by Kathy Szymanski

This interview is conducted by the author:

KS: So, Steve, tell us a little about yourself.  I know you inside out, but our readers here don’t.

SO: (smiling) Well, then… you know I’m a private person and don’t really like revealing much about myself.

KS: Okay, so let’s pretend you’re just talking to yourself, asking and answering questions that “pop” into your mind.    Come on, you can do this for me- it’ll make people want to read about you. 

SO: Okay.

KS: And you know that if they can see how you dealt with some heavy things, maybe they can learn to deal with some issues in their own lives better.   That’s really what this book is all about, in a sneaky way.

SO: Yes, I know, you hadn’t expected that kind of thing when you wrote it.  Surprised you, didn’t I?

KS: Yep. So, what’s one major revelation you and about yourself in the book?

SO:  That I am truly a loveable person, even if my father didn’t, or couldn’t, love me.  I don’t mean love in the mushy sense, I mean I am a person of value, I have worth, and I am loveable. 

KS: And what led you to that conclusion?

SO: Well, if I tell you that, I’ll give away the story to your readers.

KS: True.  Okay, you’re a person who tends to bury emotions. How have you grown with that, learned how to express them better, instead of stuffing them? 

SO: Well, with Tommy, there were some pretty heavy things, for both of us, but we’re talking about me.  The whole situation made me realize there were things from my childhood I had never really faced.  And they blew up in my face without warning.  So I dealt with them.   Physical exertion helps- me and the punching bag at the gym…

KS: yes, I remember that scene- powerful.

SO: What about faith- your faith has grown over these years, especially at first.

KS: Yes.  I realized God was always there, guiding and protecting, even when I was unaware.  And He was the one who orchestrated this whole story.

KS: In my book description I say: The man – Steve O’Shaughnessy – a handsome, single, 30 year-old private investigator who owns and operates a successful business, but a part of his youth is carefully buried.  What do you think about that?

SO: (Laughing) Handsome?  Thank you.  It’s an accurate description.

KS: And what about what I say about Tommy?  The boy – Tommy – an 11 year-old homeless genius carrying alone the heavy burden of a horribly painful past

SO: Tommy is absolutely amazing.  He truly transformed my life- unintentionally.  I would never have thought things could be the way they are now.  I’m a very lucky man.

KS: And the story: The story – Divine Providence throws the two tortured souls together and as their lives intertwine, they discover bonding, healing, a father/son love, and for Steve, a deepening faith

SO: (sighs)… yes

KS: And now I’m working on the next book- the “pre-quel”- the story of you before Tommy came into your life.  How do you feel about that?

SO: I don’t know.  I’m just your character and don’t really have much say in what you write.  But it’s okay, I guess.

KS: Oh, Steve, you’re so wrong there.  You INSIST, in my subconscious that I cover certain things in certain ways.  If I don’t do it, or don’t get it right, you nag me until I do.  You (or the scene) is all I can think about until it’s done, and doen right!    Any parting words?

SO: Find the positive, trust God, love.

KS: Thanks, Steve. 


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