Detox.  Cleanse.  These are kind of buzzwords lately.  I’ve done some detoxing over the years and read a fair amount on it.  I’ll share my thoughts today.

There are lots of ways to detox.  In my opinion, the first and most important thing, by far, id to make sure you are eliminating well.  If you’re not, any kind of cleansing r detoxing will just stir things up, and probably make your situation worse.  By eliminating well, I mean at least a bowel movement daily.  Get that working first before you attempt any kind of detox.

Next, I would say don’t bother detoxing if you’re not going change your life (if it needs changing).  If you aren’t willing to make a commitment to good eating, detoxing is kind of pointless.  You clean the body, then keep throwing garbage in?  Why bother?

Detoxing can be intense or gradual.  Which you choose may depend on several factors.  One of the very best (and easy and free) ways to gradually detox and stay healthy is to fast one day/week, from after supper one night until breakfast a day later (so really, more like a 36 hour fast).  Drink plain water, teas, possibly fresh juices.  (Or if that is really too hard for you, you could do a raw food fast for that time, eating just fresh raw fruits and veggies- nothing like salad dressing.)

And simply eating well is detoxifying.  A healthy non-processed vegan diet will over time aid greatly in detoxing.  (And, again, in my opinion, NOT eating  healthy vegan diet will led to toxicity.)   Lots of fresh and raw foods, lots of pure water, fresh juices, and so on.

One aspect of detoxing many forget or ignore is that toxins on our bodies come from places other than the foods we eat.   What kind of environment do we live in?  Our homes?  The air we breathe?  Are they laden with toxins?  Our clothes, the soaps we use?  I am a real stickler for whatever we might put ON our bodies directly, onto our skin.  Long ago a I heard about and did an experiment that opened my eyes- try it!  Take a cloves of fresh garlic and thin slice it.   Place the cut pieces on the bottom of your foot (arch area) and tape in place.  Put on a sock.  When I did this, in twenty minutes there was a STRONG garlic taste in my mouth.  Proof to me that what goes ON our skin is easily absorbed into the body.  My simple, easy, general rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body.  (This includes things like nail polish, shampoos, and so on.)  I am not 100% on this (I use regular shampoo), but it is a good rule to keep in the back of your mind.

Another very significant toxin many of us have in our lives that is often overlooked is negativity.  Being around negative people, negative “energy”, negative opinions and comments is toxic.  Our thoughts actually create chemicals in our bodies.  More and more science is discovering a vast body/min connection.  Being with a  person who is always a downer can be just as toxic (if not more so, than having a Big Mac and Diet Coke).   Fear is toxic.  And I’m referring to real physical effects in our bodies, not “just” thoughts or feelings.   So detox your mind, emotions, and influences around you.

Now we finally get into what most people think of when they consider detoxing.  There are lots of ways to do it.  Saunas help detox.  The skin is the largest elimination organ we have- sweating will get rid of toxins.  Many recommend a program of herbs and/or supplements to help rid the body of toxins.  Often in particular these act on the large and/or small intestine.  Some protocols insist on enemas (plain, coffee, other kinds) and/or colonics.  Sometimes eating is allowed, sometimes not.   Some last a day or less, some go on a week.  Google “cold sheet treatment”.     (I’ve done that, along with many others kinds of detoxing.)

My opinion is that there are probably a fair number of good, safe and effective ways to do this kind of detoxing.  For many, especially those new to this, consulting professional may be wise.  Various herbs and supplements may be a good idea.  Be wise and use common sense.

But the key here is that while detoxing may indeed be a beneficial health treatment, it is absolutely critical to get rid of the toxins going IN to your body as much as possible.  Once you do that, you are on your way to good health.  Without doing that, I doubt you can truly achieve good health.  So, ditch the beer and pizza, Twinkies and cheesecake.  Go deaf when your complaining mother-in-law comes over.  Stop using _____ product on your body.  You’ll be better off for all of it!

May you have continued and lasting good health!