My mission in life is to illuminate people on the relevance of how

their health and lifestyle choices affect the fulfillment of THEIR mission!

It's YOUR life, It's YOUR marathon! I want to help you run- or walk- it well!

Welcome to Life Coaching!

Is your life everytihng you want it to be? 

Do you know why not?

I want to help you have a great life-

happy, fulfilled, joyful, and living it well!


What is Life Coaching? 

A Life Coach is someone who will help you identify your own personal goals and dreams, and show you how you can achieve them, and overcome obstacles in your way.




        Who am I? 
Let me write this bio style. First off, I am a faithful Catholic, a Child of God.  Next in importance to me is being wife to John for over 35 years.  I'm mom to 7, plus 4 in heaven (miscarriages).  I'm also mom to a special needs child (Down syndrome).  I am a long time homeschooler for over 25 years, starting way back when it was unheard of (around 1984... that's before some of you were even born!)
I'm a homebirther (most of them), a strong natural parenting advocate, and (self) educated in the field of Natural Health and Healing.  I'm an "independent" sort.
I'm a writer, a published author of numerous articles on a variety of topics, many related to marriage, communication, family life, child rearing, as well as other topics.  I'm also an aspiring fiction writer, working on getting my first full length novel published.
I'm a MARATHONER! (Hawaii December 2011) YES!
I'm a college graduate with a degree, as well as a large assortment of various certifications and whatnot. 
I'm a former missionary who spent 2 1/2 years in Venezuela (with John and our 3 kids at the time) running a home for children.  (Parenting 30 kids does give one a certain amount of experience...)

What I WILL and WON'T do?
I won't be your counselor/ therapist/ psychiatrist.  That doesn't mean what I will do with/ for you isn't good "therapy".    I won't be your doctor.  I'm not a medical professional.  But that doesn't mean I don't know what has worked for me, or what is good.
I won't try to sell you anything (beyond my coaching).  No multi-level marketing plans or anything else.  I will (probably) tell you some secrets on how to achieve good health (without spending money, or much, beyond food.)
I won't solve your problems.   I will teach YOU how to solve your problems. 
I won't give you answers. I will show you what questions you need to ask, who to ask them of, and where to find answers, and point you in the right direction.  See, your answers may be different than mine.  Mine work well for me, but might not for you.  I will help you discover what is effective for you.
I won't evangelize you.  I have no problem if your beliefs are different than mine (and often this is just a different use of terms, we may really believe the same things).

How can I help you?
I can help you identify the stumbling blocks you face, and help you not just get over them, but smash through them.   I have learned how to listen well.  Listening well is a key tool for a coach.  It allows me to focus on you and your problems and concerns, not what I think is best for you.  Back to the I wills and I won'ts.  I won't do the work for you.  If I did, then it would become my life.  And I'm very happy with the life I have now.  And you wouldn’t benefit.  Kind of like the coach I had for my marathon (most helpful woman).   She told me how far to go, how often and how fast.  But she didn’t do the miles for me.  It was ME doing it that got me in shape for the marathon and able to do it.

                                                             How will I do this?
First off, you think about it, pray about it (if you're so inclined).  If you do it, you are making an investment in yourself.  Choosing to make yourself a better person is a choice I think is never wrong.  If you decide to do it, contact me and we will begin a relationship.  I will send you a basic open-ended questionnaire.  You can think about your reply (already the beginning of your work).  Upon getting it back, I will review it and discern if I think we're a good match and can work together.   (Honestly, there are some people I will not work with, those whom I feel wouldn’t benefit from this kind of work.)  And also I will discern how serious you are about making real lasting changes in your life.  I don't want you to "buy into" this and not act upon it.  That's a waste of money for you.
We will correspond back and forth a  few times as issues are clarified. 
Once we've ironed out some basics, I will connect with you a few times each week with ideas, suggestions, challenges, questions, accountability checks and so on.  And you're free to contact me at any time with your concerns/ questions.  We’ll set up a plan that will work for you.  We’ll adapt as we go along.  All correspondence will be by email.

I expect a fairly intensive first few weeks, and then taper off.  New things will be added as old obstacles are conquered.    I request that you give it a minimum of four months trial.

What qualifies me to coach you?

I could say a degree (I have one, psychology), I could say being a  graduate of  this or that seminar or a certification I have, but I don’t think that makes a whole lot of difference (though I have been to some exceptional seminars).  A big part of it is having been there.  Maybe some particulars of the problems I’ve faced in my life are different than the ones you have, but many problems/ trials/ struggles have components in common.  I understand people well.  I can listen to you and be likely to zero in on certain key things, thing that you may be completely unaware of.    I’m good at recognizing what needs to be done and ways that might be effective in achieving the goal.  I will hold you accountable.  I’m NOT married (or related) to you!  (I once tried to coach my husband- disaster city!)  I’m not judgmental.  I will tell you what is right and wrong in my book (if it’s relevant), but fully respect your choices, and can accept you where you’re at.   I’m open-minded, willing to listen to new ideas.

Really, I’ve been doing this for probably over 40 years. Not formally, but I remember in high school lots of classmates and friends would come to me as a sounding board and bounce ideas/ problems/ troubles off me.  It’s always been like that for me, able to help others with their concerns, help tehm to see clearly.  I think it’s a God-given talen, and I thank Him for it. 


What are YOU going to get out of this?

Much depends on what you want, and how hard you’re willing to work, but all of these things are readily achievable:

More energy

More time

A happier more fulfilled life

Better, deeper and more meaningful relationships, satisfying

A balanced life with reduced stress and effects of stress

A deeper spiritual life

More money

Improved health

A happier family and friends

More internal peace

Self-confidence and excitement



What kind of investment are we talking about?

You want to know about the financial cost, right?  I’ll cover that first.  I am in the process of revising my methods of life coaching (not WHAT I do, but how I present it and interact with clients).  I will be limiting the number of people I work with to make sure all will get the attention they need and deserve.  After I refine and re-organize my procedures, I expect my prices to at least double.  Right now, I charge $100 for the initial month, and $50/month thereafter.  If you sign up now (before May 1, 2012), I will guarantee your rate for a year.  

More important than any financial cost (whether you coach with me, someone else, or no one) is the mental and physical cost.  To be successful it will certainly take some serious team and energy, for you to reflect on your life, why it is the way it is, and how you may change it.    It may be painful and hard, sometimes objectively looking at yourself is not easy.    And then implementing changes will also require effort on your part.  If you decide that to achieve good physical health, you need to be in bed by 11 each night, and exercise 45 minutes a day 5 times a week, that may be hard for you.   Part of good coaching is helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself, but be prepared to make more than a financial investment.








Email me: szymansk@bevcomm.net