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WHO is this wacky lady?
A woman who finished the Honolulu marathon in Hawaii in December 2011! 

  • And she was just a few weeks shy of her 57th birthday.
  • And she has had neck and throat cancer for over 10 years.
  • And she has a tracheotomy.
  • And she is physically unable to speak.

My current mission in life is to illuminate people on the relevance of how

their health and lifestyle choices affect the fulfillment of THEIR mission!

It's YOUR life, It's YOUR marathon! I want to help you run- or walk- it well!

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This is NOT a sales pitch!

   It's NOT a business opportunity.


Are you up to it?




Well, okay, it really is a sales pitch, but it WON’T cost you ANY money.  It WILL cost you time.  And you’re going to spend your time anyway (you have NO choice in that), you might as well invest it wisely!   I absolutely guarantee that if you spend your time as I suggest, it will drastically increase your efforts and productivity in ALL the rest of your time and you will get more done.

Read on my friend!

So, what did I know about marathons?  NOT much.  They are 26 miles, the name came from some Greek soldier who ran to announce the victory.  They’re in Boston.  That’s it- the extent of my knowledge, until a few years back.

The Story

Okay, here’s the story.  I am fairly physically fit.  I’ve been walking 5-6 days a week for many years.  My husband is not in the best of shape.  He’s working on it, though, and has started walking along with a better eating plan (has lost 20#, 60 more to go).  He commented one day that he thought maybe an interesting goal would be for him to do a marathon.  Walk a marathon, not run.     

That was interesting… got my mind simmering.  John says it's dangerous when my mind starts to simmer....   I thought it would be nice for us to do a marathon together (I could maybe run it, or part of it, he’d walk).  We could do this for our 35th wedding anniversary (Sept 2011).  So I went online looking for info (ended up at a discussion board) on going from walking to running.  Got lots of good input, many folks said you can walk most marathons.  ONE fellow said the most walker-friendly marathon is in Hawaii.  Okay…. Now THAT would be neat!    THAT I could handle!  Very well! I did more research, found out it’s held in Dec.  So we could do Dec 2011.  Gives us plenty of time to train…  So that was sitting in our heads (mine mostly), but seemed to both us a pretty nice goal to set.  So we more or less did, informally decided to do it.  

        So what are you supposed to do?
Make a choice to become physically fit. 
Make a choice to improve your lifestyle (including what you eat). 
Choose a marathon to do (if you wish).

1. Decide to do it, make the commitment, write it down in detail.
2. Get your current weight, measurements, TAKE PICTURES for before and after.
3. Get others to come along!  Especially spouses!
4. If you want, let me know, and I'll encourage you. 



What's in it for YOU?

  • More ENERGY

  •  More TIME

  • Longer LIFE

  • Better HEALTH

  • More MONEY (very likely)

  • More PEACE of MIND



One example- Me/Kathy (data from 2009) :        I’m 55 (when I got this idea and started), have cancer, and a tracheotomy.  I am a busy internet marketer, not to mention homeschooling mom, mother to 7.  That includes our 6 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and 3 married kids with spouses and 5 grandchildren.   I just added marathon training into my life.  Got a better excuse than me not to do it?

EXCUSE BOX 2-  Oh, I  can't because...

No time.  The ONLY group I will accept that excuse from is dead people.  Dead, buried, in the grave.  You DO have time.  We ALL have the same 24 hours in every day.  If you say you CHOOSE not to spend your time exercising and training for a marathon (probably no more than an hour a day, on average, a bit more as race gets closer), I can accept that.  But don’t say, “I don’t have time!” because you DO.  And ask yourself exactly how you will be spending that one hour daily that is a better use of your time than becoming physically fit.  (You can be or get physically without doing this marathon, but what a fun way to do it!)  So if you tell me, “Kathy, I like your idea, but ***I*** am choosing NOT to invest my time in that,” I will accept your honesty.  But I’ll also think you’re a fool. There is NO better investment you can make with your time than your health (physical, mental, spiritual).  NO investment that will pay off better.  And no shortcuts.  No one can do it for you- not possible to outsource this. There is no “purple pill” or herb or supplement that will give you great health, YOU must put in the time and effort.  (Some people may be blessed with great genes and need to maybe put in a little less time and effort, but everyone still needs to do it).

No money.  You CAN do it if you choose.  Maybe you won't go to Hawaii, but there are marathons everywhere.  It IS a choice.

Poor health.  I’m not a medical professional, but I can’t imagine that there are TRULY that many people who could not get in good enough shape (with effort) to walk a marathon in 18 months!  And if so (really you cannot physically do it), do a half-marathon or something.


This is the MOST important part of this website- please read!

  Now, I just want to speak from the bottom of my heart.  You don't have to do the marathon.  You can get physically fit without doing this (but probably nowhere near as much fun).  You don't have to do anything.  But DO take care of your health. 

 Your choices affect your health, today, but even more years down the road.  My choices led to my health problems (see excuse box if you haven't yet read that). Your choices will lead you to good/bad/mediocre health (this is simply true, no way around it).   My choices NOW (solid faith life, positive mental attitude, exercise and vegan diet- in that order) are leading to my complete recovery -and responsible for me even being ALIVE today. 

  But what did those earlier poor choices cost?     Certainly a great amount of time, in being sick, dealing with cancer.  My husband's time, and others.  Money... you bet.  Energy, productivity.... definitely.  It cost my kids a great deal, and that's what I'm saddest about, what I regret the most.  Some of the older ones had to do a lot more "child rearing" and household chores than was ideal.  They are great kids and jumped in to fill needs without question, but it cost them.  Not just their time and energy, but it cost them quite a bit mentally to have a "sick mom".   

 Still there are costs to pay.  My cancer is in the throat.   I have a weak speaking voice.  I can't sit down and read books to my daughter.  She has speech delays and I can't work to help her overcome that.  Generally I don't use the word "can't", but that's reality here right now.  I AM working on it, and expect perfect health, but I'm not there yet.  And it is because of choices I made earlier in my life.    I implore you to make good choices, so much depends on it.  Really.    Make them now.

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This and That
    August 2006           January 2008               September 2010       December 2011- Hawaii
So, I need to talk about a few more things....
This really is all about health, and more...
Let me give you a brief history on my health concerns.  I developed cancer (thyroid) over time.  Diagnosed December of 2001.  Had surgery to remove a huge cancerous goiter in my neck (grapefruit size).  Had one does of radioactive iodine (not radiation).  Was sent home, said all would be fine.  It wasn't.  Several years later it returned-  late 2004.   This time we (my husband and I) listened to what traditional medicine said.  We choose NOT to do surgery, radiation or chemo., but to work on "health building" things and let my body, the beautiful wonderful body God designed, do its work.    
Take a look at the pictures.  YOUR CHOICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  
First one is my daughter's wedding August 2006.   Pretty sick looking.
Next one is my son's wedding, January 2008.  Look a bit better.
Last one is fairly recent. Not too bad for a 55 year old mom of a 6 year old!
I must add that my midwife says a sign of health is fertility. I have NO problems in that area.  My daughter was naturally conceived (surprised- we weren't trying or not trying, but hadn't expected the delightful blessing).  And I was 48 1/2 when I had her after an easy pregnancy and fairly easy delivery.
Anyway, one friend said that you're not supposed to get younger looking as you get older.
Poppycock.  I am healthier today (as I said, just tackle a look at the pictures) than I have been in many many years. 
I DO still have cancer, and some throat problems.  I DID have  a tracheotomy (I couldn't breath- no matter WHAT you believe about health or anything, if you can't breath, you will die).  I can't go swimming (DUH!), I can't holler, and my voice is weak.  Other than that.... I am VERY good.
Look at the pictures.

So what kinds of choices am I talking about?  As I said above, 3 things really:
1. Solid faith life (I will put positive mental attitude in here with that).  You must be at peace with God, with yourself, with others.  you can't be hanging on to guilt, bad relationships, fear, and so on.  Prayer, meditation are most important.  I believe far and away, this is TEH most important aspect of good health, for anyone.
2. Exercise.  You simply MUST move the body.  I don't care how, what kind of exercise, when.  My "guideline"/ recommendation is anything that makes you sweat, an hour a day, 5-6 days per week.  That makes it simple.
3. Diet.  I'm not going to get into this here.  Lots of varied opinions on this.  but you probably (if you are honest, and be honest, if you're not, you're the one who get shorted), you have a good idea of what a good diet is.  Or doesn't include: sugar, junk, processed foods, lots of meats, and so on.  Personally, I believe the vegan diet is best.  (Simple way to understand vegan: nothing that has, had, or came from anything with a face.)  Simply eat well.  Your body can only heal itself as well as the fuel you put in.  Pizza and beer ain't gonna cut it.  Carrot juice (fresh, you do your own), fresh raw foods are excellent.  Some people believe in all kinds of special supplements, special juices, or products.  I will concede that some of these may possibly assist in healing.  BUT, there is NOTHING that will substitute for these 3 things.  DON'T waste your money on anything until you commit to basic health building practices.  And they are mostly free. (You have to pay for food, but you need to eat anyway.  So you pay $4/# for fresh cherries instead of $4/# for beef.  The cherries are MUCH better for you, and will actually "go farther".)  Walking just requires a pair of shoes.  Prayer and meditation is free.

And a bit about religion.  Really, what I'm suggesting to you is to follow natural law.  Make choices, based on natural law, which will help lead you to good health.  Okay, I am a faithful Catholic Christian.   I believe that God made things, including natural law.  So by following natural law, you really are following God's law.   Some people rebel at that.  Well, so be it, but in reality, you can't get away with breaking natural law without the consequences (more or less, sooner or later, depending on many factors).  If I eat chips and Big Macs, soda pop and chocolate malts, sit on my duff in front of the oh-so-positive TV, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to have and/or maintain good health.

Many people don't realize that what they believe is very close to true Catholic theology (many people have many misconceptions about Catholic theology.  If you really want to know what the Church teaches, read the official Cat.....)  Anyway, often times it is simply a slight difference in thinking, and/or difference in terminology.  Anyway, to me, all this is very directly related to God.

Some people use terms or phrases like,  "The Universe will _____ and ___."  That's fine.  But my faith goes beyond that.  My God MADE the universe!  My God is in charge.  And as far as healing goes, I believe God does the healing.  He usually uses the body He designed.  In the Bible, Jesus healed EVERYONE that came to him.  I think that we have to do our part, though.  Like I said, beer and pizza's not going to cut it.  Sure I COULD be healed and eat beer and pizza, but chances are MUCH better if I do my part in it. 

What Does the Future Hold?

Hopefully a better healthier life for you, more joy.  I'm convinced that for over 99% of you, this IS possible by your choices.  Certainly more education of people, more helping them to become what they can be, providing resources and tools for them to achieve their goals.

I can envision a marathon as being an event that I (and hopefully YOU) will promote to people.  And I think you know I'm not talking about the "already fit" folks, the ones who KNOW - and LIVE- their beliefs by making good choices in regards to health and lifestyle.  I'm talking about help for the person who is unaware, or chooses to hide their head in the sand.

I certainly expect good health  and a long happy life.  I intend to continue to follow my mission in life as it unfolds, listening to and heeding where God leads me.  It can't get much better than that.


Email me: szymansk@bevcomm.net